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Video work from commercial work, personal projects and class work

A Penny Lane Christmas

I produced this retro 50's ad for a local antique mall during my internship at Talking To Crows. I was in charge of every aspect from concept to editing, and produced this fun Christmas advertisement as a result.

The Library Marian Built

This video was published in WWU's daily newsletter, "Western Today."

Marian Ritter has been in charge of Western Washington University's Music Library since the very start. She planned the space with an architect and has spent five days a week tending to the records and scores inside its walls for over 50 years. However, recently the Library has been losing funding and had to let a volunteer go. Fewer students know about the space, and Western seems to be at risk to lose one of its best-kept secrets.

Multimedia Pieces

Bertie Lou's: A History
Brandon Grotesque

From the Archives:

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