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Graphic Design:

Web Design: Mine Direct Amethyst

I was asked to design a website for a new small business in Portland, Oregon called Mine Direct Amethyst. I created this site with a sleek design and a focus on the amazing gems the vendor is selling. Check it out for yourself here.

Instagram Carousels: Women in Film 

I made these informative slides during my internship for video production company "Talking to Crows" to publish on their Instagram. I used their branding guide for color inspiration, and chose simple graphics to represent the data.

Spec Sheet: Brandon Grotesque


This assignment asked us to create a spec sheet using Illustrator for a typeface. I chose Brandon Grotesque, and was inspired by its origins in 1920's German ads, and decided to style my sheet with similar colors and design elements to that of 20's German ads. The drop shadow with a pop of color was something I noticed in many ads and was inspired to recreate it here. 

Magazine Final: California Concrete

This was my final project for my Editing course, in which we chose a story and photos to create our own magazine layout. I chose the photo project by Amir Zaki, "California Concrete." The photos are quite minimal, and have a clear color palette that I emulated in my design.

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